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Troubleshooting Guide- Group Issues
Troubleshooting Guide- Group Issues

General aspects to keep in mind when uploading groups through CSV

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This article will provide you with some more insight into steps that could be taken in the following scenario: If no API integration within the LMS is available and groups have to be manually added, a CSV can be used to upload the groups.

When uploading a CSV to add the groups, the file has to include the email address of the students along with the groups that each of the students will be assigned to, see screenshots below. Please make sure that the email addresses you are using are those that students used to register within your LMS.

Copying this structure will allow you to pass the values within the FeedbackFruits assignment to add the groups.

With adding groups through CSV, please note the following:

  • You can only upload the CSV only once

  • You can recognize an active user if the student is visible by their name. If the user is just an email address, it is an inactive user.

    • 'When will the name of a student become visible?'
      The student's name will automatically become visible once they log into the assignment. This will 'activate' the student and make them visible by name. If only the email address of the user is visible in the analytics/group configuration overview, it would indicate that the student has not yet opened the assignment.

  • If there are ‘empty users’ in the group list, these do not affect the assignment as long as they are not in a group. If the empty users are in a group they need to be removed from it. Further details on how to do so will follow.

  • In case students have been added to the assignments multiple times - for example, because they were added via CSV on their personal email, but they access the assignment via the LMS on their institution- they cannot be removed. However, if you just ungroup the student user that is not in use, it should not affect the assignment

    • 'How do I ungroup a student?'
      You can ungroup a student by navigating to the group configuration screen and change the group in which the student is enrolled, to "no group". Below follows a step-by-step overview of how to do this.

  1. First, you will need to navigate to the group section (available at the first step of the assignment, where you added the CSV), and press ‘configure groups’

  2. Once you've clicked on 'configure groups', you will see a screen similar to the one below, showing the students within the assignment along with the groups that they've been allocated to.

  3. By clicking on the section where the group is visible, you will be provided with the option to change the group allocation:

    Here you will see the option for 'None' appear as well. In case the student has been added to the assignment multiple times, you can exclude them from the group by selecting this ('none').

  4. You will now see a similar overview as provided below and the student will no longer be enrolled in the group.

Note if you are using the FeedbackFruits platform:

While creating a CSV using the institutional emails of your students, please be sure to inform them to use their institutional emails to enroll within the assignment as well. This will help to prevent them from using their personal email, and thus having multiple enrollments within the assignment.

This concludes the Troubleshooting Guide - Group Issues.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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