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How to set up Self-Assessment of Work

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Our Self-Assessment of Work tool can be used to let students reflect on uploaded work. This can be individual work or team projects. The tool follows a similar structure to Peer Review, but contains only a self-assessment step.

This article will go explain how to set up our Self-Assessment of Work tool.

Setting up Self-Assessment of Work

First fill in a Title, then continue to Step 1.

Step 1: Instructions

Fill in instructions. Fill in your overall instructions for the assignment. You can add attachments and voice notes to your instructions.

Note that you will not be able to publish/save the assignment if you leave this field blank.

The assignment can be an individual- or a group assignment. Click change to choose between one of the following options:

The assignment can be an individual- or a group assignment. Click change to choose between one of the following options:

  1. Students hand in individually

    Use this option if you want your students to individually hand in their assignment and reflect on their individual uploads.

  2. Students hand in as a group

    Use this option if students are to reflect on group work. Only one of the students in the group needs to upload the work.

Step 2: Submissions

Required submissions Set the amount of files that students are required to hand in. Note that students' will not be assigned to a peer for review if they submit fewer files than required. The submission requirement can be set at exactly, minimum or between your chosen amount. Students can always hand in more files than required. In the example given in the screenshot, you would set this to 2: they hand in a word doc and slides.

Deadline Set the hand-in deadline. Students have to upload their work before this deadline. When this deadline has passed, students will be assigned work of a peer or group to review. When no deadline is set in this step, students are assigned work to review when 2 students have handed in. Click here for an explanation about how peers are assigned. When not setting a deadline there is a chance that the allocations cannot be distributed equally, therefore setting no deadline works best in a 'live' feedback session.

Allow students to hand in these file types Check the box next to the file type you want your students to hand in. Students will not be able to upload file types to you deselect. For an overview of which formats are supported for each file type, click here.

Please note that embedded audio and video in documents and slideshows cannot be played in FeedbackFruits.

Instructions (optional) If you have specific hand-in instructions for your students (such as the desired font, line spacing, naming the file, etc.) fill them in here. Example: Please name your student number in the file-name. Upload both your essay and the slides you will use when presenting about your essay.

Step 3: Given Reviews

In this step, you specify criteria to help guide students as they give feedback. Click configure to edit, add, or delete criteria. Click here for a detailed guide on setting criteria.

Scheduling deadlines Set the deadline for giving feedback. Note that reviewers will not be able to view or edit their reviews after this deadline passes. Leave the deadline blank to allow reviewers to view and/or edit their feedback indefinitely.

Guiding students (optional):

If you would like to add additional instructions for the feedback set you are able to do so in the assignment settings.

Step 4: Received Reviews

Deadline. Students will not be able to read their reviews after the deadline passed. If you do not set a deadline, students can read their reviews indefinitely.

Step 5: Add learning step (optional)

This step can be added through clicking on the purple-circle-plus-button (at the end of the final step). The options of ‘Reflections on the activity’ and 'Automated feedback on writing' will be then visible (see image below).

Automated feedback on writing

Setting up Automated Feedback provides your students with additional formative feedback prior to handing in their work. Please do not use Automated Feedback to grade your students, but only provide it to them as an extra opportunity to reflect and improve upon their work. We are continuously working on improving our feedback by better training our algorithms, which means that we can’t guarantee flawless feedback. Have a look at our help article for more information about our new feature.

Reflect on activity

Writing a reflection is a valuable step to end an assignment with. The student can for instance write a reflection on how the whole process of giving feedback went. In the image below, you can see that it can have a deadline, as well as a required length of words. There is also a description field in which you can specify what you want students to reflect on regarding the assignment.

This concludes the Setting up Self-Assessment of Work tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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