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Grammar is the system that we use to organise language so that it is meaningful. It is not a set of absolute rules but it is a system that is known by speakers of a language. In this way we can communicate ideas to each other. There are different ways to do so. In each different communication situation grammar is approached in a specific way.

For example, in informal writing such as texting, grammatical errors may be overlooked. In creative writing and colloquial speech the grammatical system can be tweaked for effect. However, in situations in which it is important to bring a message across in an accurate way, such as in academic writing, writing grammatically correct is really important. It is essential here because you have to demonstrate your understanding of complex ideas.

Why do I have to use grammar in a correct way?

It is important to use grammar in a correct way, so that the information you want to convey is understood properly and accurately. By using the correct grammatical rule in a specific situation your writing is understood in a correct way by speakers of English who are familiar with the grammatical system.

How can I use grammar in a correct way?

Practice makes perfect! Automated Feedback will help you apply correct grammar.

By using correct grammar it is important to distinguish the different grammatical elements. Words are the basic units of the grammatical system.

Automated Feedback can help you with recognizing the different types of words.

Words belong to various word classes and each word class gives a different meaning to a sentence.

There are seven major word classes: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.

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