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The flag-to-teacher feature allows students to flag posts to their teachers, by selecting from four different reasons to report: an inappropriate post, an offensive post, suspicion of plagiarism or other. If they want, students can also elaborate on their reason for flagging the post by writing a comment. An important aspect of flag-to-teacher is that it happens anonymously, meaning that teachers cannot see which students flagged a post.

Students can see the option to flag a comment by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the comment.

After clicking the comment, the student will be able to choose from several reasons for flagging and optionally add an explanation.

Teachers will receive a notification of the flagged comment and can assess if the situation requires further action.

Flagging can happen at the following locations:

  • Comments in the task overview of Discussion Assignments

  • Comments in the individual documents in Discussion Assignment (including replies)

  • Comments in Interactive Study Material (including replies), both in mini-cards and the sidebar

  • Review comments in Feedback Assignments (including replies, both Peer Review and GME)

  • Annotations in Comprehension of Document/Video (including replies)

  • Comments in audience discussion in Interactive Presentation

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