The flag-to-teacher feature allows students to flag posts to their teachers, by selecting from four different reasons to report: inappropriate post, an offensive post, suspicion of plagiarism or other. If they want, students can also elaborate on their reason for flagging the post. by writing a comment. An important aspect of flag-to-teacher is that it happens anonymously, meaning that teachers cannot see which students flagged a post. Flagging can happen at the following locations:

  • Comments in the task overview of Discussion Assignments

  • Comments in the individual documents in Discussion Assignment (including replies)

  • Comments in Interactive Study Material (including replies), both in mini-cards and the sidebar

  • Review comments in Feedback Assignments (including replies, both Peer Review and GME)

  • Annotations in Comprehension of Document/Video (including replies)

  • Comments in audience discussion in Interactive Presentation

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