To enable this feature flagged functionality, please contact the Partner Succes Manager or the Support chat.

This feature will allow for teachers to add additional instructions within the assignment only visible for instructors and editors. The notes can be found within the edit modus of the assignment and will not be visible to students. It will allow for a possibility for better and easier communication among creators and editors of an assignment. The note can include an attachment or voice recording, however, it cannot be created without any text.

Notes added within the assignment can provide additional clarification regarding the instructions of the assignments or any adjustments made in cases of multiple editors or creators.

A note can be added by clicking the 'Add a Note'- button as seen below.

Fig. 1: Teachers' perspective of the options to add a note.

Each step of the assignment has the option for one note to be added, along with a general note for the assignment as a whole. The following screen will appear, which allows for text and attachments to be added.

Fig. 2: Teachers' perspective of the note before saving.

Once the note has been added, it can still be edited or deleted while in the 'edit mode' of the assignment.

Fig. 3: Teachers' perspective of the note once saved.

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