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Adding a FeedbackFruits tool in Microsoft Teams

Easily integrate FeedbackFruits into your Microsoft Teams course

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Within Microsoft Teams it is possible to add a FeedbackFruits tool in two different ways, either as an Assignment or as a Tab.

By adding an activity with the "Assignments" option, it will be possible to add FeedbackFruits as an app, allowing for a choice to either have it automatically available for the students or publish the activity at a later moment in time.

Below you will be able to find a step-by-step plan for both options.

Adding a FeedbackFruits activity through Assignments

After opening the Teams app, navigate to the channel in which you would like to add the new FeedbackFruits activity. Next click on "Assignments" to start creating a new activity.

At the bottom of the screen within the Assignments overview, you will have the opportunity to select "create", after which an option for an assignment will appear.

By clicking Assignment, the following overview will appear. Here you will be able to get started with adding a title, after which you can select "apps" to add the FeedbackFruits tool.

By clicking on FeedbackFruits (in the app overview), the tool overview will appear in which you can select the desired too. Theis will then appear in the activity overview. The activity can be set up by clicking on the tool in this overview after which the settings-screen will appear.

Here all the desired settings can be added (and potentially be adjusted at a later point in time) and saved.

To save the activity as a whole, you can either click on "save" in the upper right corner, allowing for the activity to be saved but not yet visible for the students. Otherwise, you can select the "assign" option, allowing for the activity to be added to the channel and thus available for the students.

Adding a FeedbackFruits activity as a Tab

In Microsoft Teams, tools can be added in a Team or channel. The first step is to navigate to the desired Team/channel and click on the plus button (+) to add a new activity. You will see an overview of all apps. Select the green FeedbackFruits logo. If it’s the first time you would like to add a FeedbackFruits tool, you will have to log in with your Microsoft Teams account once. Students also have to do this.

Step 1: Add a new activity by clicking on the plus button

Step 2: Select the FeedbackFruits logo

Step 3: Log in with your MS Teams account (note: use the one from your institution, not your personal microsoft account).

Once you’ve successfully done this, you will see an overview of all the FeedbackFruits tools. Select the desired tool and save it (“Opslaan”). By default an automatic message will be posted in the channel about the new activity. If you don’t want this, you should disable it.

Automatically, a new tab will be created where you can set up the activity. It’s always important to give it a recognizable title and add some instructions. For more information about the set up for each specific tool, you can click here.

Good to know

  • Once students click on a tab, they will automatically be added to the assignment. You don’t need to invite them manually.

Creating an assignment in a private team or channel

  • Students can immediately view a new activity. If you don’t want students to be able to access it, you can create the assignment in a private team or channel without students. Once the assignment is ready to be shared with students, you navigate to the right team/channel and create a new FeedbackFruits activity (by following the same steps explained before). However, instead of setting it up again, you can select the assignment you created before through the “use copy from existing” button. Here you will see a list with all the activities that you - or your colleagues with whom you are co-teaching - have created before.

Inviting your colleagues

  • If you would like to invite other teachers to a FeedbackFruits activity, you go to the assignment and select “members” in the right upper corner. Then, you click on “invite members”. Here you can add their email addresses and select a teacher role.

Note: this is also a way to share assignments with other teachers in their “copy from existing” list


  • If you would like to use groups, you have to create these during the set up by importing a CSV file. You can read more about how to do this here. Once students click on the tab, they will automatically be put in the right group.

This concludes the Adding a FeedbackFruits tool in Microsoft Teams tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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