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Know what to expect when you have early access to new feedback criteria for Automated Feedback

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This article is intended to help you understand the different labels assigned to the feedback criteria we offer in Automated Feedback. These labels represent different phases in the development process when producing new feedback criteria. As we are constantly innovating, some changes or errors can be expected at certain stages.

This article explains four labels: experimental, beta, discontinued and deprecated. Each stage is briefly outlined to inform you of what could be expected. As a result, you can feel comfortable about your decision to include or exclude certain criteria.

Please do let us know how they work for you so we can improve.

Explanation of labels


When criteria are in this phase, we are actively exploring and testing in a small setting to assess whether it is performing at the level we intend it to. Criteria in this phase are known to to be less stable and most likely will require some additional improvements.


When criteria are labelled as beta, it has passed the initial evaluation round. It is now being tested and validated by a larger group to ensure it meets the performance standard and the pedagogical value intended. Some errors could still be occurring when it is in this phase. More information about what to expect can be found here.


Sometimes it could be that changes will be made, and therefore the criterion will not stay in it's original shape or form. These labels will notify you of the changes that you can expect.

A deprecated label indicates that you will still be able to make changes if you have configured this criterion. The feedback will still be shown to students when they submit their assignment.

A discontinued label signals that you will be no longer able to use or update this criterion. The results of any assignment(s) that does include feedback on this criterion will still be available to see.

Getting early access

Access to experimental and beta criteria can only be provided on request. To get early access, please send an e-mail to: [email protected].

Do you have any feedback?

We welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have to help us improve the Automated Feedback tool. Whether it is a suggestion for a new criterion or feedback on the UI and UX, we are here to hear it!

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