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Release Notes v2.60 February 2021
Release Notes v2.60 February 2021

Assignment Chaining, Table sorting kept while navigating, Students given feedback export, Increased contrast accessibility setting

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(12-02-2021) The next release is scheduled in approximately four days. The release will contain the following:

  • Assignment chaining (feature flag)

  • Table sorting kept while navigating

  • Students given feedback export

  • Increased contrast accessibility setting in user preferences

Assignment chaining

The first iteration of assignment chaining allows multiple assignments to be chained together. Assignments can be added or removed by going to 'edit' on the chain overview.

As soon as a teacher creates a second assignment in a course the chaining menu becomes available at the top of the assignment, at the bottom, and in modules where it might be a relevant choice.

When the teacher chooses to chain, a dialog is opened showing all FBF assignments in this course allowing them to choose any of the assignments they want to chain together.

Going into the assignment chain, teachers will be able to see an overview of the chained assignment, as well as edit the assignment chain. This same overview will be available to students.

In this first iteration the chained assignment do not yet share elements as grading, submissions, feedback criteria or analytics. They still function as separate assignments.

This first iteration allows teachers to create an overview of the order in which assignments will be completed and the course progression. In later iterations we will develop the ability to link assignment elements together. If you are interested in reading how we plan to develop this feature click here.

Assignment chaining will be available under a feature flag, please contact your partner success contact or our support team if you are interested in trying out this feature.

Table sorting kept while navigating

Previously, tables options would reset after entering a review. Now, when sorting the tables teacher are able to navigate to other views and then come back to the assignment overview to see the tables as they were. It applies to the new teacher table as well as any other tables.

Students given feedback export

Students have the ability to download the feedback they have received as a PDF and now they have the opportunity to download the feedback they have given as well.

This PDF download contains all feedback the student has given to other students combined into one download, where all information is grouped per review.

This download is available at step 3 at the bottom of the review overview.

Increased contrast accessibility setting in user preferences

This setting increases contrast throughout the entire platform by adding a filter on top of the page. The contrast accessibility is not supported in Safari.

no increased contrast

increased contrast enabled

This concludes the Release Notes v2.60 February 2021.
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