Quiz by FeedbackFruits is a tool meant to ask questions in the form of an quiz in order to test the knowledge of the students in an engaging way by encouraging attentiveness and active thinking and involves students to answer questions, as well as helping teachers keep track of their student's progress/level of understanding.

When you first open the Quiz module, you are met with the screen below. At the top, you can type in the name of your presentation.

Note: if you access Quiz through your LMS (such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Brightspace), you can only change the title in the LMS.

Adding Instructions

If you would like to include some instructions or any other message with the task you're setting up, this can be done by scrolling down and clicking on the circular green + button. Once you click on the button, you will see a screen prompting to select the type of module you want to add, then select Instructions.

Once you click on it, the instructions step gets added as the first step in the tool set-up screen. Scroll back to the top to type in the instructions. It is also possible to add a voice message or an attached file to the instructions.

Adding Questions

To set up the Quiz, click on 'start creating questions' in step 2. This will lead you to a new interface, where either Multiple Choice or Open questions can be added. To do this, click on the '+ add question' at the bottom left of the screen.

Click on it, when it's in the right place, and a little menu prompting you to choose between a Multiple Choice Question and an Open Question will appear, select the desired format.

Adding a multiple choice question

If you want to add a multiple choice question, you'll be met with the following screen. Here you can type in your question, and can also add an attachment, such as a picture, to be displayed along with the text - by clicking on the little gray paper clip.

When clicking on 'Show more' or scrolling down, the interface will reveal the answering options - here, you can first select whether you want your students to pick only one or multiple answers as correct - by clicking on Allow participants to select multiple choices. Use the checkbox to mark answers as correct, without the correct answer, submitting any answer will be considered correct. The tool has standardly built-in two answering options, although you can easily add more by clicking Add Answer. Click on ‘add answer’ to add multiple answering options.

Note: you can also add attachments as answers (e.g., add pictures instead of text for your answers, again - by clicking on the little paper clip.

Adding an open question

To add an open question, you must follow the same steps as above. You can add it right after the previous question (i.e., you can have several questions in a row) or at any other point in the Quiz. For open questions, once again, you have the option to add a timer or an attachment.

Note: you can edit the questions by clicking on the question and clicking on ‘edit’.

Delete question slides by clicking on the little bins attached to each slide by clicking on the three dots or clicking on the little bin symbol in the lower right corner of the timeline.

After typing your question, you can enter the correct answer, or leave this blank, if it's an opinion bound question.

When following the steps above, you can keep adding questions until you are done adding all the questions relevant to the quiz!

Finally, click on Publish in the upper right corner to activate the quiz, now you're all done setting up!

For further instructions on how to use the Quiz interface after it's been published, another article is available in the help center.

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