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How does Quiz work as a student?

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You can read the instructions - if those have been attached (within step 1) that have been set by your teacher.

Now it is time to get started, click on 'start quiz' (within step 2) to view the questions. Also, at the top of this step you will be able to see how many questions the quiz consists of. In addition, you can take the quiz as often as you want.


The questions in the quiz can consist of both multiple choice and open questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

Select the answer (s) that you think are correct and press submit after.

Note: if you don't know the answer, you can optionally press 'skip & show answer' to view the correct answer.

You will then see that your answers have been submitted and which answers state as correct and which ones are not. Press continue to view the next question.

Open Questions

Your teacher can also ask open questions during the quiz. The answer steps are the same as for the multiple choice questions. You will see the question first, and a text box below where you can write your answer. When you finish typing, you can press the submit button.

After submitting your answer, it will be visible in the answer bar. When a correct answer has been entered in advance, it will also become visible here.

Press 'continue' to move on to the next question.

Results screen

If there are no other questions left, you will see a screen that indicates that you have completed the quiz. A score of how many percent you have scored correctly on the quiz will be displayed.

You can now choose to leave the quiz by clicking 'exit', go back to your results by clicking 'return to results' or to take the quiz again by clicking 'retake quiz'.

Congratulations, you are now completely done with the quiz!

This concludes the Quiz | Student Perspective tutorial.
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