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The new user interface for Peer Review is now available as a feature flag. The user experience and way of giving feedback have changed for students and now looks like the same flow as with Group Member Evaluation. If enabled, teachers can select this new interface with a new setting at the 'give feedback' step.

The process of feedback has been altered for students, the main changes being:

- Students now see all their peers/groups they need to review in one table, with the different review recipients as columns and the criteria and additional steps as rows.

- The assignment overview for students shows the progress per review more clearly.

- Instead of automatically trying to allocate the next peer to review, students can decide themselves when they want to start on the next review (unless decided by the teacher).

- Submissions are more clearly 'attached' to a student/group that needs to be reviewed, which allows students to also give feedback on the submissions as a whole instead of on a specific submission if desired.

- The reflect step in the assignment overview for students shows a list of all reviewers one received feedback from.

-The sidebar next to a submission shows the feedback comments of an entire review by default, with the option to filter on the comments of a submission.

- In case of feedback received from multiple reviewers, there is an overall column with the average ratings (self-assessment excluded).

- Improved flow of providing and receiving feedback on received reviews (review feedback).

If you would like to test this feature, for Dutch partners contact Menno de Kok and for international partners contact Annika Borgstede.

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