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Plugin: Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation

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The reviewer feedback element of this project is for students to rate the reviews that they receive from their peers. The receiver of the feedback can give a rating to quantitatively rate their peers' feedback as well as qualitatively with the use of a comment to explain the rating given.

The goal of rating the received feedback by students is for students to be held accountable for the quality of their given feedback, as well as triggering self-reflection.

The setting can be selected at the 'Received Reviews' step (step 3 in Group Member Evaluation and step 4 in Peer Review).

Student perspective:

For students, the step to rate their reviewer will show up at the 'Received reviews' step, when reading the received feedback. This assignment element will be called 'Review feedback' and be shown at the bottom of the received review. The students will be asked to rate the feedback from 1-10 and optionally provide a comment.

Teacher perspective:

The given 'review feedback' ratings and comments will be visible for the teachers in the 'Received review' step as well. After viewing a particular student's received feedback, they get an overview of the averaged and specific ratings they gave their reviewers.
The given ratings and comments will also be included in a separate tab in the analytics export.

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