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Adding FeedbackFruits tool to CumLaude

Easily integrate FeedbackFruits into your CumLaude course

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Adding a feedbackFruit tool in CumLaude

1. In order to use FeedbackFruits in a course, first you need to add the material link in the course you want to add the tools too.

2. Select 'FeedbackFruits' on the left side of the screen. Here you will find all the tools you need. Choose the tool you want to add to your course. As an example we are using 'Group feedback.'

3. After completing this step the image below will appear. Do not change anything in this screen simply press ' OK' and you will go to the next step. The tool has now been added to the course.

4. If you want to create content in FeedbackFruits from the current screen as a course coordinator, you can only do this by right-clicking on the tool and choose for 'Bekijken.' Pay attention! in order to open FeedbackFruits, you have to be linked as a supervising lecturer.

4. After you have completed these steps the FeedbackFruits Tool will open in a new tab on your browser.

For a teacher, that isn't a course coordinator but still wants to create content in FeedbackFruits, you can select the part the course coordinator has prepared by clicking on it. FeedbackFruits will then open in a separate screen in CumLaude.

Now you have officially finished adding a FeedbackFruits tool to CumLaude! After you've finished setting up the tool don't forget to publish the tool so your students can see it!

This concludes the Adding FeedbackFruits tool to CumLaude tutorial.
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