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Release Notes April 2020

In this release: ISM creation flow improvements, One Tool Launcher, Blackboard REST API, Comment attachments and LTI 1.3 beta

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(06-04-2020) The next release is scheduled within approximately 5 days. This release will contain the following: 

  • One Tool Launcher on platform

  • Interactive Study Material creation flow improvements

  • Comment attachments 

  • Support for Blackboard REST API 

  • LTI 1.3 beta

One Tool Launcher on platform

  • Creating activities on platform has been improved. The feature is initially only available on the website platform.

  • Performance of 'copy-from-existing' as known on the individual tool creation pages has been improved as well on platform.

  • This improvement will be implemented in LMS environments in one of the following releases

screenshot 1: One Tool Launcher on website platform

Interactive Study Material creation flow improvements:

  • All Interactive Study Material tools save directly after uploading, making adding questions and discussion threads directly possible.

  • Adding steps like Participation Grading or changing settings is only possible after uploading.

  • Preview section shows a summary with the number of discussion threads and questions created, both for the ones created by teachers and by students

Vid. 1: improved creating flow in Interactive Study Materials

Comment attachments:
Students and teachers can now attach up to three files to any comment, annotation or explanation card they create throughout the platform.

Partial support for Blackboard REST API:
All API calls for groups, group memberships and course memberships can now be made using the Blackboard REST API. Calls for calendars still need SOAP for now.

LTI 1.3 beta
It is now possible to integrate FeedbackFruits in your LMS using the new version of LTI. This version has some advantages, like the possibility of syncing memberships and deeper grading without the need for an API integration. If you want to test this functionality you can contact our support or for Dutch partners contact Menno de Kok and for international partners contact Annika Borgstede.

This concludes the Release Notes April 2020.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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