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Setting up courses and activities in the FeedbackFruits standalone platform
Setting up courses and activities in the FeedbackFruits standalone platform

How to create courses and learning activities in the platform?

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In the FeedbackFruits platform you can create individual activities, or a group of them that belong to the same course, which can be organized in folders. In this article we will guide you through the process of creating courses filled with dynamic and engaging learning activities or individual assignments.

Setting up a course  
You can easily create a FeedbackFruits course by pressing the plus button in bottom right of the platform interface. Then a window will pop up with all the FeedbackFruits tools and the option to create a course by pressing '+ course'. See the screenshot below.  

To create a course, you will only see the '+ course' option if you are using the platform as a coordinator. For now, by default nobody has a coordinator role when starting using FeedbackFruits. Thus, to enable this option please contact the support team by pressing on the blue bubble speech button on your bottom left. 

You can start creating a course or activity by clicking the '+' icon in the bottom right corner. After clicking the '+' the tool creation menu will be visible, you can create single activities or choose to create a course.

After clicking to create a course, another window will follow where you will be able to name the course. Click 'create' afterwards. You will be able to edit the course name later on. 

Once the course has been created, the next step will be to start setting up the course materials. By pressing on the plus button again, you can create individual activities within the course or create folders to categorize your activities. 

After setting up the folders, you can start composing your new learning activities and assigning them to their folders. Also, you have the option to copy from an existing assignment that you've previously prepared. You will be able to still edit and modify that assignment, and to assign it to a folder as well. 

If you create a new activity within the course, right after naming the activity, the tool will give you the option to pick an already created folder or create a new one. See the screenshots below to follow the process. 

After selecting the folder, you can continue building up the assignment by following the setting up steps for each of the tools. Please find more information on how to set up each tool in particular in our Help Center.

Finally, when you are back in your course, you will see an overview of your course and all the folders and activities created. You will see which folders are empty, and which contain assignments, and also the assignment process with the student activity. 

Setting up an individual activity
Nonetheless, if you don't want to create a course, you can also create stand-alone activities. If you log in to the FeedbackFruits platform, you will start at your homepage within the platform which looks like the screenshot below. 

To create a stand-alone learning activity and start using FeedbackFruits click the plus-icon in the lower right corner. This will show you the following window:

In this window you can choose which learning activity to create. Choose the one that you prefer, and follow the setting up steps for each tool. Please find more information on how to set up each tool in particular in our Help Center.

This concludes the Setting up courses

and activities in the FeedbackFruits platform tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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