When starting with FeedbackFruits it's handy to know how to login. The picture below shows you your screen when you go to feedbackfruits.com

Logging in

If you click on Log In you will be directed to the page where you can choose how to log in. Your screen will look like the following image.

If your institution is listed here (for example if you are from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences): click on the name of your institution and you can log in with your regular login credentials of your institution's account.

Otherwise, if you have already created an account on our platform you can click on Log in with email.

Creating a new account

If it is your first time at our FeedbackFruits platform and your institution is not listed: click Sign Up to create a new account. Click Sign up with email. This will lead you to the following screen: 

Fill in your name in the first field, your institutional email in the second field and the password of your choice in the third field. If you have finished click Sign up.

This will automatically lead you to the starting page within the FeedbackFruits platform. 

If you are using FeedbackFruits for the first time as a teacher, you won't be able to start creating new activities right away. Please contact our support team through the blue bubble on the bottom left and we can give you the rights to create your own courses and activities.

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