When you use one of the Interactive Study Material tools (Interactive Document, Interactive Video or Interactive Audio), it is possible to separate annotations per group. This means that students will only be able to see the annotations students from their own group made. When using Moodle or CumLaude you can import these groups using an Excel or CSV file. 

To import groups you will need to have an Excel or CSV file with the email address of each students, followed by the name of their group, as in the example below. 

When turning on the switch next to 'Separate annotations per group', you will see the option to configure groups. Click on this link to import the groups.

You will now see the following screen where you can create the groups by copy and pasting the details from Excel. 

In the example above, the email addresses and group names were separated by a space. It is also possible to separate these using a tab, comma or semicolon.

When you click next, you will reach a window where you have the opportunity to make final adjustments to the group allocation. 

When all your students are allocated to the right group, you can press done and you have created your groups.

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