Within a Peer Review or Group Member Evaluation assignment, students used to get one or more peers assigned to review automatically. With the Manual Allocations feature enabled, it is now also possible to make changes to these automatic allocations or to create the allocations manually. You can find this option under the feedback step (step 2 for Group Member Evaluation and step 3 for Peer Review) when you are in the edit mode.

If you want to use this feature please contact us to enable the use for your account.

Changing automatic allocations

Once enabled, the manual allocations option can be found in the allocations dialog in 'Given reviews' step.

After clicking 'change' the allocations dialog will pop up.

If you do not want a certain student to be allocated automatically, you are now able to select who they will review. In the example below, some students had already been assigned to review someone by the system. As long as the student has not started with the review, you can change this allocation. 

When you are finished making changes, you can click 'Done'. Please note, that after clicking done, it is not yet possible to change the manual allocations you just made. We are working on improving this to make sure that even after an initial alteration in the allocations you are able to go back in and adjust it further. 

Manually creating allocations

It is also possible to create all allocations manually by turning off the switch at the top right corner.

Now none of the students will be automatically assigned. Note that if you do not assign them to review someone, they will not be able to participate in reviewing. For each student you can now select who they will review. 

When you click 'Done', the allocations you have made will be saved. Also here, after clicking 'Done', it is no longer possible to change the allocations you have already made. You will still be able to create allocations for students who are not yet manually assigned to review their peers.

* For more information on how students are automatically assigned to review their peers, see this article.

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