In our 'Fall' season (until end November), the Product team at FeedbackFruits will be working towards shipping functionality in these categories. As always, these are projections, not guarantees - while our estimations have become fairly accurate, we do have a strict policy of not shipping functionality until its done. This roadmap statement focusses on bigger projects: smaller improvements might not be included in this overview.

One of our primary efforts will be further performance, stability and scalability improvements to our Interactive Presentations product, to prepare it for broader adoption and new functionality to support additional learning activities in the future.

Secondly, we're improving the user experience in our Feedback tools, with new overviews and improved navigation between reviewers/students being reviewed. The first tool to get these improvements will be Group Member Evaluation. We expect to ship most of these improvements during this season.

For our Peer Review tool, we look forward to shipping Double Blind (Submitter) Anonymity as a beta feature. Next to that, manually selecting who is reviewing who will become available soon.

Next to that, we expect to deliver a next iteration of Participation Grading. This functionality, originating from our do tank, will come to Interactive Study Material next, with improvements in user experience. We estimate this will be available in beta before the end of the season.

Besides this, we are working on defining and designing multiple dotank projects, together with our partners, in preparation for implementation in the next few seasons.

If you have any questions regarding this product roadmap, please contact Annika Borgstede (Partner Success Manager).

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