With the Groups through LTI option, you are now able to manually import groups in your assignment via LTI integration. You can copy student names and email addresses from an Excel sheet or a .csv file and paste them. 

This article will guide you through this functionality using screenshots to clarify the process. 

To start, press change in the first step of the assignment, next to your group settings. 

Choose one of the two options where students have to work in a group. So either Hand in work individually, review within groups or Hand in as group, review work by other groups individually. 

You now have the possibility to import groups from a .csv or an Excel file into your assignment. First, choose the option Paste groups from CSV. You will be directed to another screen where you can copy the students' names and group allocation and paste them into your assignment. 

For example, below is what a manually made list in an Excel file would look like. In column A you have the student email addresses and in column B you have filled in the group you would like to allocate the students to. 

After selecting the Paste groups from CSV option (two screenshots above) and copying the information from your file, you will see the following window. In this window, you are able to paste your selection.

After pasting the details from your Excel or .csv file, you will see the following. 

Important to note: you can create a cut between the email address and the group number by inserting [,] / [space] / [;] / [tab]. 

When you click next, you will reach a window where you have the opportunity to make final adjustments to the group allocation. 

When all your students are allocated to the right group, you can press done and you have created your groups.

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