Whenever a deadline has been changed or when a deadline is approaching, your students will receive a notification email. When they click on this email, they will be redirected to the assignment in the LMS or our platform. Here, they will be navigated to the subject of the notification. 

To trigger such a notification, the assignment has to have the following characteristics. 

For an assignment to send notifications, it has to 

  • Be opened by at least three students or 10% of the students in the assignment
  • Have a student that has less than a 100% completion rate 

In addition, if the student is online during the time that the notification is supposed to be sent out, we will not send a notification - since chances are that the student is working in the assignment. 

We have set these requirements, so users can set up demo assignments without triggering a notification whenever they make a change. 

Fig. 1: the notification email

Fig. 2: you will be redirected to the associated part of the assignment

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