Troubleshooting guide
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In the integration, we try to make sure everything is set up correctly. Unfortunately we're all still human. This guide will help you to sort out any common issues.


Could not find the consumer based on the key: ...

It's likely the LTI key you've configured isn't correct. Check it for spaces. Generally it'll follow the format <environment>-<institution name>-<lms> in lowercase. eg. test-hogwarts-canvas.

Invalid LTI request for the consumer ...

It's likely the LTI secret isn't correct. Check it for spaces. It should only contain letters (a-z, upper and lowercase), numbers and the - (dash) and _ (underscore). If the error persists, it's possible there is third party software interfering with the request. We'll be happy to assist you in further investigation at this point

Invalid LTI user roles: ...

Email is not present on the LTI request

Name is not present on the LTI request

User id is not present on the LTI request

These errors will occur when the LMS doesn't send along the roles, email, name or user id. We require these to provide the best user experience. You should be able to configure the tool so that these values are provided.

This activity will be available for students when the instructor finishes to build it

FeedbackFruits recognizes you as a student and the teacher hasn't placed an activity here yet. If you are an instructor, check if your LMS perhaps has an incorrect role mapping (mostly pertains to Brightspace) or contact us to take a closer look.

This concludes the Troubleshooting guide.
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