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Release notes v2.37.0

Subgroups reuse dialog, groups via LTI, text selection, hosting in the U.S., subtitle support, automated tests and overall improvements.

Updated over a week ago

(29-05-2019) The next release is scheduled within approximately 3 days. This release will contain the following:

  • Subgroups reuse dialog

  • Use of groups via LTI

  • Text selection

  • Hosting in the United States 

  • Subtitle/closed caption support in our video player 

  • More automated tests in multimedia  

  • Better navigation in the sidebar in Comprehension 

  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

Subgroups reuse dialog

All the dialogs involving the creation of subgroups in an assignment are now incorporated into one user-friendly dialog. This simplifies the process of selecting groups when creating an assignment. 

Within several of our tools, you have the possibility to choose how you would like the students to collaborate. With this release, these options are now clarified with an image. Further, you can decide if you want to manually create the groups by assigning the various students to a group of your choosing. Or, you can let students be assigned automatically. Finally, similar to the reuse of criteria (v.2.35.0), you are able to copy and reuse recent grouping. 

Fig. 1: The selection of the collaboration options is now clarified with an image

Fig. 2: In this step, you can select if you want to manually or automatically divide students into groups 

Fig. 3: When manually dividing students, press the purple arrow next to the name to assign them to a group. You can also select how many groups you want, see above. It is still able to automatically assign students

Fig. 4: Press view if you first want to view a recent grouping before copying it

Fig. 5: A recent grouping. If necessary, you can copy and edit before using 

Use of groups via LTI

It is now possible to manually import groups via LTI integration. You can copy student names and email addresses from e.g. an excel sheet or a csv. file and paste them. These student items will then be converted into groups and you are ready to go!  

Fig. 6: Add an email address and an according group number

Fig. 7: In this screen you can see the grouping. If you want, you can make changes before pressing done

Text selection

It is now possible to specifically annotate selected pieces of text. Before, you could only annotate by selecting a section of the document. 

Fig. 8: In Interactive Documents, it is possible to add a practice question or a comment after selecting the text

Hosting FeedbackFruits in the United States 

FeedbackFruits is fully operational in the United States! We now have the possibility to store data that originates from the United States locally, which makes FeedbackFruits faster and saver for American users.  

Subtitle/closed caption support in our video player 

We now support subtitles and closed captions in our video player. You can select the available subtitles from the video within our tool. We support subtitles from popular sources, e.g. Youtube and Vimeo. It is also possible to add your own subtitles to a video through

Fig. 9: Select your language in the bottom-left corner

Fig. 10: The video moves up so subtitles can appear in the video

More automated tests in multimedia 

We have increased our automated test coverage for the Interactive Study Material (Documents, Video, Audio). This allows us to continuously test its functionality, to increase and maintain the stability of the tools.

Better navigation in the sidebar in comprehension 

We have improved the workflow in the sidebar of the Comprehension of Documents tool. Instead of automatically returning to the overview of categories after editing or viewing an annotation, you will now return to the category this annotation belongs to. 

This concludes the Release notes v2.37.0.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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