This article will guide you through our Peer Feedback tool and its possibilities. This article is written to help you to enhance your understanding of the functionalities of this tool. 

Throughout this article, the fictional student that has been used to recreate the student view is named Liz Bennet. 


In step 1 you will find the instructions that have been set by your teacher and you will see the people that are in your group. 

Hand in 

When you scroll down to step 2, you will find the box where you need to hand in your file. You can either click select file to upload a file from your computer, or drag a file into the box. You also have the possibility to paste a website link, for example if you want to upload a Youtube video. 

When you have handed in your work, the following screen will appear. If you want, you can add more files. By clicking on your file, you can view your submission in a separate window.

Peer review 

If the other group has not yet submitted anything, you will see this screen below. You can start reviewing when work from peers has been assigned to you. 

After your peers submitted their work, you can start reviewing

The following screen will appear. You can see the document of your peers. On the right hand side in the task bar, you can see the criteria (which the teacher composed) on which you need to review this document. With the arrow, you can hide or open the task bar. With the pen, you can write a general comment which belongs to one of the two criteria. In the bottom left corner of the document, you can see our support button. Under the first criterion it says write at least 1 comment. This means that you do not only need to rate this criterion, but also comment on it. 

In this example, this is not required with the second criterion.

As mentioned above, you can either use the pen to write a comment. Or, it is possible to annotate a piece of text on which you want to write the comment. You can either annotate a certain area of the document as seen below, or annotate specific phrases in the document. You can write your comment, press compliment or suggestion if desired, and press post

Below you can see that the student has given a 6 out of 7 rating, wrote a comment belonging to a piece of text (@P1) and chose to write the comment as a compliment. 

You can annotate more than once under the same category. If needed, you can place several comments belonging to several pieces of text under the same criterion. 

When you have completed reviewing the text, you will see the following. The criteria have collapsed, if you want to open them again just press the small downward arrow. When you are finished, press submit to finish reviewing. 

You are able to edit your comments until the deadline.


When your peers have finished reviewing you, you are able to read and reflect on the received feedback. You can review your feedback by clicking on the document or on the blue comments on the right. When you have read the comments, these comment balloons will turn grey. 

After opening the document, you can see the comments your peers made. The grey area in the text is an annotation that your peer made. If you click on it, you will be redirected to the comment that belongs to it. In the taskbar, you will find the remarks of your peers. You can comment on them or upvote them (for example if you found this comment useful), using the two buttons under the comment. When you have finished reading the remarks, you can press submit

Now you are able to write a reflection on the feedback you received. You only have to do this if the teacher has switched on this feature. If not, you are done after reading the comments. 

Press submit and you are done!
You are still able to edit your reflection until the deadline. 

Hopefully this article has helped you to better understand what this tool has to offer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.  

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