You can enable this for the following tools: Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, Assignment & Skill Review and Discussion.

This article will explain you how to setup the Configurable Grading functionality.

With this feature, you can decide how you want to weigh certain criteria of the assignment in the total grade. You can manually set it up by filling in the percentages in the functionality. As you can see below, this feature provides you with the option to fill in a certain value beloning to a specific category. It is not obligatory to fill in all categories.

The content of the Configurable Grading can be linked to the rubric (beta, feature flagged) in the assignment. 

Below you can see the Configurable Grading feature filled in. You can manually add percentages to certain categories. As you can see, the 80% for the 'ratings received on work in total' is divided over the four items of the rubric in the assignment. In the figure, each item is awarded 20 pp, but you can divide the 80 pp as you wish. The total grading needs to add up to 100%. 

Below you can see the functionality in action with student activity. For example, under the category name of the rubric 'Following Procedure', you see that there are 20 pp to be obtained - as filled in by the teacher in the figure above. Depending on how students get rated, they can score 0 - 20 points on this category.

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