Group Contribution Grading is a beta feature that is available for users who want to try out and help validating this new product ingredient. If you want to make use of this beta feature, please contact us at [email protected].

This article will explain you how to setup the Group Contribution Grading functionality.

To find more information on the added value of this beta functionality, please find an overview of our current beta functionalities here

Group Contribution Grading is an extra functionality that you can add to your Group Member Evaluation assignment. You can add it after step 3 in the edit mode of the assignment. This feature enables you to calculate a student's grade based on the contribution of this individual to the group deliverable. It is linked to the rubric in the assignment in the sense that you can ascribe points to the rubric criteria (as you can see under the 60% in the second figure). 

Above is a filled in functionality. When a rubric is added to your assignment, you can decide how much you want the different from the rubric criteria to weigh when calculating the group contribution grade.
As you can see in the Settings, you can choose to receive a suggested grade adjustment for each student, based on their rating within the group. Based on this advice, a teacher can choose to adjust that student's grade. This is how that looks when students completed the exercise. 

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