This article will explain how to setup the Rubrics functionality.

Under step 2 or 3 (depending on the assignment) in the edit mode you will find the option Feedback criteria and to the right the ability to add criteria.

Click on the add option. Select Rubric and press create to create a new rubric.

An empty rubric appears.

You can now fill in several criteria on which you want to assess your students / let students assess their peers. Per criterion, you can fill in how many comments need to be added with the rating. At the top, you can add several levels of rating and the amount of points that are ascribed to these ratings. When you are finished with filling in the rubric, you can press done at the bottom right of the screen. 

To increase the usability of this feature, it is now also possible to copy an existing rubric from another assignment which you are then able to reuse.

If you select copy, a copied rubric will appear. You can also preview the rubric before using it by selecting view.

The rubric from the previous assignment will appear. You can either edit this rubric before copying it with the option copy and edit, or you can use it directly.

A completed rubric with student activity will look as follows. A teacher can easily see which points need improving. 

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