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Release notes v2.35.0

Annotation flow smoothing, criteria reuse, reviewers can access feedback after deadline, first reviewer feedback and overall improvements.

Updated over a week ago

(10-04-2019) The next release is scheduled within approximately 3 days. This release will contain the following:

  • Annotation flow smoothing

  • Upgraded CSAT surveying

  • Criteria reuse dialog

  • Removal of students who have been unenrolled from the course in the LMS

  • Reviewers can access feedback after the review deadline

  • First reviewer feedback (Dotank, beta and feature flagged)

  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

Annotation flow smoothing

Due to the annotation flow smoothing, the usability of our tools has been improved. As of now, annotations are highlighted when they are opened in the sidebar of the document and you scroll over them, as shown in Fig. 1 below. Also, when you click on the comment, you jump to the right annotation in the document and it stays highlighted, as you can see in Fig. 2. 

Fig. 1: The annotation that belongs to the comment lights up in green

Fig. 2: When clicking on a comment, the documents jumps to the belonging annotation 

Upgraded CSAT surveying

After you stop a presentation, the survey will ask you about your presentation experience straightaway. In addition, the survey will ask you about your learning activity experience after a 40% progress instead of after a 66% progress (former percentage). 

Criteria reuse dialog

It is now possible to copy only the criteria from an old assignment, rather than the entire assignment set up, when creating a new one, as shown in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4. With the possibility to preview them before copying, as well as an easy way to discard all criteria when you're editing the assignment (Fig. 5). This to improve, and clean up the copy of existing flow as previously used.

In addition, it is now possible to copy criteria when you do not have the complex rubrics feature flag on. Also, as you can see in Fig. 4, the rubric (beta) is shown inside of a dialog instead of in fullscreen mode. This enables you to stay in the same context flow. Finally, due to improvements in responsiveness, the editing of criteria in LMSs or on mobiles has become easier. 

Fig. 3: Recent criteria can be copied to be re-used again in a different assignment

Fig. 4: For example with the rubric feature (beta), the copied rubric will appear as a new one

Fig. 5: You can preview the criteria before copying them

Fig. 6: You can now simply discard all criteria

Removal of students who have been unenrolled from the course in the LMS

When students have not contributed anything to a course - no activities or allocations (either incoming or outgoing) - we synchronise the removal of students from a course.

Reviewers can access feedback after the review deadline

The documents and feedback from peers are now clickable after the deadline. Although the feedback can be viewed, no new feedback can be posted and the existing feedback can not be edited as shown in Fig. 7. Teachers can still delete the feedback if they want to. 

Fig. 7: Feedback access after deadline from a student view

First Reviewer Feedback (Dotank, beta feature flagged)

This feature is part of the EUR Dotank project. Students are now able to rate the feedback they received from their peers as shown in Fig. 8. 

Fig. 8: Feedback can be rated

This concludes the Release notes v2.35.0.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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