Assignment Overview

Once you enter the assignment (after setting it up), you will see an interface displaying student statistics/progress (for the whole class and individual students), the instructions you wrote for the assignment, and a sound-wave preview of the audio track you've uploaded. Press "START LISTENING" on the latter component to add comments/practice questions to the audio track or to see the activity of your students.

The Audio Player and Annotation Bar

This will bring up the audio player, as well as the retractable annotation bar (right side of screen).  

Within the audio player, you can choose to go back to the Assignment Overview by clicking on the left-pointing arrow in the top left corner, you can open an instant messaging window to any of the people online by clicking their icons at the top, you can toggle full-screen on and off by clicking "FOCUS" or "UNFOCUS", you can edit the assignment name, delete the assignment or download the file by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the player, and you can play and pause the audio by clicking in the middle of the player. Finally, you can change the volume by interacting with the little speaker next to the clip duration, or change play-speed by clicking on the little cog (both bottom right of the player).

In the annotation bar, you can see a full list of comments added by the students in your class, also containing the time at which the comment was added (i.e., the blue text at the start of each comment), student name and time of contribution. Furthermore, you have the ability to view/comment on (i.e., small dialog box pictogram beneath each comment) or upvote individual comments (i.e., the 2 arrow heads pointed upwards). You can also delete comments by clicking on the 3 vertical dots to the right of each comment box, or sort the comments based on "latest activity", "location", "most upvotes" and "most comments" by clicking the dropdown menu next to "Sorted on".

Adding Comments or Practice Questions

You can also add contributions yourself, by dragging your mouse to the minute you'd like to do this, and then clicking the "+" button that shows up just above the progress bar. This will open a small menu asking you whether you want to post a practice question or a comment. Comments will simply log like the ones seen in the above screenshots, requiring simple text input. Practice questions are of 2 kinds: Open and Multiple Choice. The open ones require an answer to be typed in, while Multiple Choice ones will allow the selection of one or more items from a list.

In the screenshot below, a Multiple Choice practice question is being created. Note that questions can be added to be answered at any time (i.e., leave last option off) or to be answered as they come up, without the ability to continue listening to the clip without an answer (i.e., toggle the last option on, like in the picture below). An example of an Open Question being created is also added below, but only as an example, for convenience - the two cannot be created at the same time.

Practice Questions will appear as either yellow dots (i.e., free answer) or padlocks (i.e., forced answer) in the audio progress bar. 

Note that while setting up the assignment, you can also enable students to add practice questions (also possible to edit the assignment at a later time to allow this). 

This concludes the Teacher View tutorial for Interactive Audio. If any issues should arise, do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team. Note that this can only be done when not in Focus/Full-screen mode, by clicking on the blue icon in the lower left of the module interface.

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