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Release notes v2.32.0

LMS deep linking, Multimedia smoothing, CSAT measurements, Sorting on names in analytics and holding of feedback before releasing to student

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(10-01-2019) The next release is scheduled within approximately 3 days. This release will contain the following: 

  • LMS deep linking: calendar events and emails contain links to assignment in LMS.

  • Multimedia smoothing (interactive audio and interactive video)

  • CSAT measurements in place

  • Sorting on names in all the analytics 

  • Holding feedback until the teacher releases it to students  

  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

For Canvas (LTI), Brightspace (LTI) and Blackboard (LTI + API only). The calendar events in the LMS include a link to the assignment within the LMS. Next to that, the emails include a link to the assignment in the LMS, this replaces the text in the current emails directing you to the assignment.

  Fig. 1: Calendar event in LMS with a link to the assignment.

Multimedia smoothing (interactive audio and interactive video)

The smoothing of Interactive Audio and Interactive Video include the annotations shows as mini-cards when pointing to the dot on the progress bar. A spinner is shown before choosing the type of annotation, note that this is only if not in an assignment. When the audio is muted, the state of recording is saved into the user's preferences. Changes are also made to the mobile experience. On iPhone, when turning the phone to landscape mode the browser's address bar is hidden. On mobile, the parts before and after the progress bar are below the progress bare, making the bar wider. 

Fig. 2: Spinner showing when choosing the type of annotation.

Fig. 3: Mini-cards as shown on mobile.

CSAT measurements in place

Surveys are send out to teachers using LMS/LTI after they have had experience with the FeedbackFruits products asking about their experiences, within the product. This also applies to activities made via .direct and in courses. Similarly a survey can be shown asking if they would like to use FeedbackFruits again. When teachers have been using the platform to hoste entire courses, they receive a question what their holistic platform experience was like and why. 

Fig. 4: Example of survey question within the product. 

Sorting on names in the analytics

Within all the analytics in the products, the overall as well as the analytics per step of the assignments, a teacher can now sort on the names of the students. This also applies when the analytics contain groups, group names are taken into account with the sorting function. When opening a group the teacher is able to sort on student names within the group. 

Holding of feedback until the teacher releases it to students

In all assignment types (Peer Feedback, Group Member Evaluation, Assignment Feedback and Skill Feedback), a teacher has now the ability to hold the feedback until a specific moment in time before releasing it to the students. This means that feedback, in this case, will not be shared with students real time. The teacher can set a moment in the future, after which the feedback will become visible to the students. 

This setting can be found in the "Read and reflect on received feedback" step, without a date the assignment behaves like normal. For students this means that they will see in the "Read and reflect on received feedback" step that the feedback has not been released yet and they will not receive email notifications from feedback that peers/teachers have given. After the deadline has passed, students see the feedback as usual. 

Fig. 5: The hold feedback until release as shown in setting in the "Read and reflect on received feedback" step.

Fig. 6: The hold feedback until release as shown to students.

This concludes the Release notes v2.32.0.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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