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Synchronize deadlines to your LMS calendar
Synchronize deadlines to your LMS calendar

Your FeedbackFruits deadlines directly displayed in the calendar of Brightspace, Canvas or Blackboard

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When your institution makes use of the API integration, FeedbackFruits automatically sends the set deadline to the calendar in Blackboard, Brightspace or Canvas. This way students have the deadlines for FeedbackFruits assignments displayed within their deadline overview. 


The deadline is sent to the LMS right after the assignment is saved.
If the deadline is adjusted from within FeedbackFruits, the new deadline is synchronized with the LMS calendar. 

If you have multiple deadlines in one FeedbackFruits assignment, these are visible as multiple different deadlines in the LMS calendar, and are displayed with the name of the step (e.g. Give Feedback - [name assignment] or Read Feedback - [name assignment]).
Remember that the name displayed here is the name set within FeedbackFruits, this could differ from the name set in your LMS

It is possible to navigate from the calendar event to the FeedbackFruits assignment.

Note: If you delete an assignment, the deadline in the calendar is not automatically deleted. You need to manually delete the deadline in the calendar after deleting your FeedbackFruits (test) assignment.




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