The following features are labeled as beta-functionality. This functionality is not available yet for all users. If you are interested in helping us validating and testing these features, please contact us through email or via the intercom. We appreciate your feedback and input!

Please see this link (scroll down) for the list of currently available beta plugins.

Feature flagged means we could lift the flag for you, so you could use the feature from your account to test it. To do so you can contact support or the Partner Success Manager

Beta modules can't be 'flagged', these features can be added to an existing assignment. If this is the case, please make a new FeedbackFruits assignment and ask our support department to add the desired module to the assignment.

Participation Grading (feature flagged, beta module)
Plugin: Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation

Configurable Grading (feature flagged, beta module)
Plugin: Peer Review and Comprehension 

Self assessment (feature flagged)
Plugin: Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation 

Students reflecting on their own work, for 360 degrees feedback. They can also review their own group submission or performance. 

Group Contribution Grading (feature flagged, beta module)
Plugin: Group Member Evaluation 

This feature enables a teacher to calculate a grade based on the contribution of the individual student to the group deliverable. The adjusted grades can then be sent back to the LMS.

Based on the ratings that students provided to each other, a group contribution factor is calculated.

Group Contribution Factor is calculated on the average of received ratings per peer. Self assessment is taken into account when enabled for the assignment. 

Fill out the grade of the group project and use the suggested adjustment to determine the overall grade. The actual adjustment can be inserted manually as well (or adjusted).

Rubrics (feature flagged)
Plugins: Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, Assignment Feedback, Skill Feedback

With this feature, rubrics can be added and used in FeedbackFruits to assess peers or students. With the 'reuse'-functionality, you only have to insert a rubric once into FeedbackFruits, after you can use it throughout your assignments with your colleagues. 

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