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How to review student activity in Interactive Presentation?

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Interactive Presentation is now ready to be used up to 500 participants for Europe and 100 participants for Australia and United States!

Once you've published your Interactive Presentation, an extra element is added to your setup screen: Overall student progress. Here you can see statistics related to attendance and the percentage of correct answers/answers overall, either on average or per individual. You can sort the table by clicking on the header of each column. 

Once you're ready to present, click on Present Live in the upper right corner.

This will open a screen displaying a link for the presentation as well as the option to start the presentation. You are now live and students can join your presentation.
Your students join the presentation by navigating to the Interactive Presentation in their course in their LMS.

Note: that the link will only work if you are using the Interactive Presentation tool directly from the FeedbackFruits website; if you're using it via an LMS such as Canvas, Brightspace or Blackboard, your students will have to join directly from the LMS's interface. 

As soon as they join, you will be informed on this screen. 

Now that your audience has joined, you can start the presentation by clicking Start Presentation.

Note that your students will only see slides as you change them (i.e., they will only see the first one until you skip to the next). Also, if you switch to fullscreen, you will only see one slide at the time, as would normally be the case with a presentation (i.e., not like in the screenshot above, where you can see slides lined up at the bottom).

As soon as you enter a question slide, you will see a screen like one of the two below, depending on whether you are asking an open question or a multiple choice question.

As soon as people answer, it will be updated just below the question (in blue text).

Note that you can delete the timer (by clicking on the little bin), pause it (via the pause sign) and end the timer/close the question (by clicking the "next" sign), as well as restart the timer if the question's closed (by clicking the "refresh" icon), edit it once it's paused (by clicking the little pencil) or set a new timer once it's deleted (by clicking the Add Timer button).

As soon as you get answers from everyone on want to go further, you need to click Next at the bottom/move on to the next slide, in order to show results, and then reveal the correct answers (in case you have set some).

The Show Results screen:

The Show Correct Answers screen: 

Note that this process will be identical for open questions. For instance, in this Show results screen:

As soon as the lecture is over and you exit fullscreen, you can go back to the statistics screen, which will now have been updated with the results recorded from your students, as shown below.

This concludes the Interactive Presentation | Teacher Perspective tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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