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Interactive Presentation by FeedbackFruits is a tool meant to make presentations more engaging, by encouraging attentiveness and active thinking by requiring students to answer questions, as well as helping teachers keep track of their student's progress/level of understanding.

When you first open the Interactive Presentations module, you are met with the screen below. At the top, you can type in the name of your presentation.

Note: if you access Interactive Presentations through your LMS (such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Brightspace), you can only change the title in the LMS.

Adding Instructions

Note that if you also want to include some instructions or any other message with the task you're setting up, this can be done by scrolling down and clicking on the circular blue + button. Once you click the button, you will see a screen prompting you to select the type of module you want to add, select Instructions.

Once you click on it, it gets added as the first step in the tool set-up screen. Scroll back to the top to type in the instructions.

Setting up the Interactive Presentation

To set up the interactive presentation, you must first add the slides you will use: these can be added by either dragging-and-dropping the file directly from your computer, clicking Choose Presentation and browsing the file you want to use, or entering the link in the Paste link box, in case the document is stored online. 

Note that you can also use the tool to create a presentation that only has question slides (i.e., merely add questions which are presented to your students one after the other, with no need for an actual presentation - a bit like an interactive quiz) by clicking Create Question Slide.

Once the upload is done, you will see a preview of the file you selected - if this doesn't happen, check that the file is not corrupted or that the link is still functional. Note that you can still change the file once you've uploaded it by clicking Update.

Note: if you've already added question slides, you can still change the presentation file. The question slides will stay in the position (i.e, between slides number 3 and 4) as where you placed them in the original file.

Presentation Settings

Click settings to see different options for the visibility of the slides and who can join the interactive presentation.

You get options to Hide parts before/after presentation:

  • Presentation slides, has 4 options: before the presentation (i.e., all slides will be visible before you start the presentation to all students who have joined it); after first presentation ended (i.e., the presentation will become visible after you've shown it in class); after they attend a presentation (i.e., slides become visible once who were in class and joined the presentation); only during presentation (i.e., slides will not be visible before or after, but only during the presentation).  

  • Question Slides and Answers slides has the same 3 options: after first presentation ended (i.e., question slides/answers are visible after class); after they attend a presentation (i.e., only those who joined the presentation get to see questions/answers); only during presentation (before and after) (i.e., questions/answers cannot be seen before or after class has ended, but only while it takes place). See two screenshots above to see the list again. 

Adding Question Slides

To add interactive questions to your presentation, go back to your presentation and click on Edit Slides, which you will find on the preview of the document.

This will lead you to a new interface, where either Multiple Choice or Open questions can be added before or after each slide of your uploaded presentation. To do this, you simply need to hover with your mouse to the point where you want to add the question, and a blue bubble with a white plus will appear. 

Click on it, when it's in the right place, and a little menu prompting you to choose between a Multiple Choice Question and an Open Question will appear.

Adding a multiple choice question

If you want to add a multiple choice question, you'll be met with the following screen. Here you can type in your question, and can also add an attachment, such as a picture, to be displayed along with the text (by clicking on the little grey paper clip). Additionally, you can add a timer, which limits the time available for answering the question.

Note that at the bottom of the menu you can select whether to Show question (i.e., whether to show this question at all - you can decide to keep the slide, but not show it to your class), Show results (i.e., whether you want to display the answers given by students to the whole class) and Show correct answer (i.e., whether you want the correct answer to be displayed once the question is answered). 

Clicking Show more or scrolling down will reveal the answer options - here, you can first select whether you want your students to pick only one or multiple answers as correct (i.e., by clicking on Allow participants to select multiple choices - the default is only one answer correct/question)  as well as adding the answers themselves. By default, the tool will give you 2 answering options, although you can easily add more by clicking Add Answer. Note that you can also add attachments as answers (e.g., add pictures instead of text for your answers, again, by clicking on the little paper clips). 

Some extra information regarding the timer and answer options is due: In order to save the timer, you have to enter the duration and then press the blue bubble with a white check mark

Also note that the timer can be deleted by clicking the little grey bin that will appear next to it, or edited by clicking the pencil

Answer options can similarly be deleted by clicking on the bins. Additionally, if you check an answer as correct by clicking the little square to its left, the "Reveal correct answer" option will automatically be turned on and this answer (or answers) will be displayed as the correct one after the students submit their responses.

Adding an open question

To add an open question, you must follow the same steps as above. You can add it right after the previous question (i.e., you can have several questions in a row) or at any other point in the presentation. For open questions, once again, you have the option to add a timer or an attachment

Note that you can delete question slides (or the ones from the original presentation) by clicking on the little bins attached to each slide (lower right corner). 

After typing your question, you can enter the correct answer, or leave this blank, if it's an opinion question, or if you don't want it to be revealed once students have answered. Note that in order to save time, you have to enter the timer duration and then press the blue bubble with a white check mark.

Following the steps above, you can keep adding questions until you have added all the ones you deem necessary. Note that if you still want to change the settings related to when and how slides are shared with students (i.e., Presentation Settings), you can simply press the left pointing arrow in the top left corner. This will not undo the questions you have already added.

Finally, click Publish in the upper right corner to activate the presentation.

For further instructions on how to use the interactive presentation interface after it's been published/during the live presentation, another article is available in the help center.

This concludes the Setting up Interactive Presentation tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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