You can set up FeedbackFruits in a course or in an account. If you set up FeedbackFruits in a course, the tools will only be available for that course. If you do so for an account, the tools will be available for all the courses in that account. We recommend setting up FeedbackFruits on an account; this results in the lowest amount of maintenance.

This article will show the steps for an account, for a course they should be identical.


1. Navigate to the account settings and select the Apps tab

2. Click + App. Depending on your Canvas configuration you might need to click on App Configurations first
3. Fill out the fields
Configuration type: By URL
Name: see appendix for Europe, Australia or United States
Config URL: See appendix
Consumer key: as given by your FeedbackFruits contact
Shared secret: as given by your FeedbackFruits contact

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