See here an overview of the different symbols you could encounter in either Student Progress Overview or in the metric tables at different steps in Assignments. 

A red coloured round at step 2 in a Peer Review assignment, means the student hasn't handed in his work on time. When student did hand in his work on time at step 2, the color of the round will be purple and ticked. If, in this scenario, the student doesn't write a review, the rod at step 3 will stay white. The same accounts for after the deadline: all students that have not written a review, have a white rod behind their names at step 3 in the Student Progress Overview. In the smaller table at step 3, a white square will be visible when no review has been written. 

How to navigate to written reviews? 

Navigate to the metric table at the 'Give feedback' -step.
Students in the example below are still writing their review. Each square stands for one review. After the hand-in deadline, the student has to log into the assignment to see their assigned review. Therefore the review squares do not appear in the analytics until the student has logged back into the assignment.

Since the process of providing feedback is always individually done, you can navigate to a review by clicking on a square next to a student's name. Click on these squares to view the review this student is working on. It is not possible to click on the squares belonging to the whole group: these are just an indication of the group's progress. 

How to navigate to the written reflection? 

Navigate to the metric table at the 'Read and reflect' -step. Click on the square belonging to the student of whom you want to read the reflection. It is not possible to click on the squares belonging to the group as a whole. You will see the written reflection in the smaller pop-up display that appears.

This concludes the Caption Learning Analytics symbols article.
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