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Production release notes v2.26.0

Group picker, course-dashboards (beta), improved folder-flow on platform and discussion assignment (beta)!

Updated over a week ago

The next release is planned between the 28th and 29th of August. This release will contain the following: 

  • Group picker (API integration functionality) 

  • OAuth (API integration authorization method) 

  • Move up / Move down folders (platform functionality) 

  • File picker (platform functionality)

  • Course dashboard (beta, feature flagged)

  • Discussion Assignment plugin (beta, feature flagged)

  • Overall improvements and bug-fixes 

Group picker (API integration functionality)
When setting up a group assignment in Blackboard, Canvas or Brightspace, it is now possible to select the appropriate group set for the learning activity. You can define groups in your LMS and with this feature you can select the right groups for the new assignment. 

OAuth (API integration authorization method)
(For admins) With the API integration enabled, we synchronise groups from a course with FeedbackFruits. Using OAuth, we optimised this flow by asking permission of the teacher to sync their courses when they are using FeedbackFruits for the first time. This feature accounts for Brightspace and Canvas. Next to improvements in this flow, it has also become easier to implement the API in your LMS.

Move up / Move down folders (platform functionality)
Change the order of your folders the way you like! This functionality enables you to do so. Moving an assignment is still possible by clicking the icon of the tool on the left and moving it up or down. 

File picker (platform functionality)
The file picker has arrived! When setting up a new learning activity on the platform, it's become easier to pick the placement of the learning activity and it's possible to change the location later. With the file picker you can easily navigate through all folders and pick the right one, or create a new folder to place the assignment. 

Feature flagged functionality

The following features are released as beta-functionality. They are feature flagged, meaning that they are not available yet for all users. If you are interested in helping us validating and testing these features, please contact us.

Course dashboard (beta, feature flagged)
With this feature, it is possible to get an overview of all learning analytics of all FeedbackFruits assignments of one course in your LMS. Are students more actively participating in week 3 as they were doing in week 2? With this functionality you have a better overview to monitor your students throughout the course instead of just during the assignment.

Discussion Assignment plugin (beta, feature flagged)
This new plugin enables students to upload an article, video or image they would like to discuss with their peers. As a teacher, you make this discussion into an assignment. You can set a deadline and require your students to engage in multiple discussions. Students will be assigned the discussion-material of a peer to comment on, but they are also free to engage in other discussions on topics they are interested in.  

This concludes the Production release notes v2.26.0.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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