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Peer Review | How to provide feedback
Peer Review | How to provide feedback

How do I write a review?

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Quick Video Explainer.

01:10: Giving feedback

This article explains how to give feedback in a Peer Review assignment. Before you can give feedback, you will first have to upload your own work. If you do not upload your work (before the deadline, if applicable), you will not be assigned a peer's work to review. 

You will be assigned a peer's work to review after the deadline for handing in passes. If your teacher has not set a deadline, or if you hand in your work after the deadline (only possible if your teacher enabled late hand-in), you will be assigned a peer's work to review as soon as one of your fellow students uploads their work.

When you have been assigned a peer's work to review, you will see the file name in step 3, click on the file to view it and write your feedback.

You will then see your peer's work on the left side of the screen. To write a comment, select a section of the work by clicking and dragging a box around the section, select the applicable criterion from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the screen, and write your comment. Optionally, you can indicate if your comment is a compliment or a suggestion.

Additionally, there is an option to include an attachment or voice note to your comment. Click post to save your comment. If you have already written a comment in this review, you will see your earlier comments below the text field, click on one of these to reuse the comment.

Note: if you wish to write a comment about the work as a whole, rather than about one specific section, you can click on the purple + button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

When you have written your comment, click the back arrow next to write feedback to go back to the list of criteria. For each criterion you will have to give a rating by dragging the slider or selecting the right level of the rubric. If your teacher requires a minimum amount of comments for a criterion, it will say how many comments you still need to write below the rating.

When you have met the requirements (given a rating and/or enough comments) for a criterion, it will collapse and a green check mark will appear. You can still change the rating and edit/add comments for the criterion by clicking the downward arrow next to the criterion's title.

When you are done writing your feedback, the finish later button will change to done. Note that if you do not click done your peer will still see your review, but your teacher will not see that you are done. 

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the How to provide feedback in Peer Review | Student perspective tutorial.
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