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Production release notes v2.22.0

Calendar synchronisation, Participation grading (beta) and overall improvements

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to these product updates! Here we announce what improvements and new features will be released with the next production release. The production release will usually follow within 3 days of this blogpost.

v2.22.0 contains mobile UX improvements. The views within activities on your mobile phone are visually improved and more user friendly.

Document scaling improvement: Annotations are kept visible and their selections keep in the same place when the document needs to be scaled to fit in view.

Calendar synchronisation: Deadlines from tasks are automatically synced to the LMS, when API integration is enabled.

Participation grading; a new feature in Group Member Evaluation and Peer Feedback. This feature lets students select their best contribution to be graded. Currently this feature is only available for use for validating clients.

Overall product improvements and bug fixes.

This concludes the Production release notes v2.22.0.
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