Production release notes v2.24.0

Feature onboarding, discussion forums, self assessment (beta), comprehension of video (beta) and much more!

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The following features will be released in v2.24.0. The release will take place within 3 days of these notes.

Within a document, presentation, or assignment, zoom-buttons have been added to zoom in and out in the document.

Annotating images
Just as PDF and text files like Word documents, we now also fully support images, including the ability to make specific annotations within the image. Images can be uploaded with Interactive Document or on our 2.0 platform by adding 'Image'.

Feature onboarding
Finally, we got rid of the big purple screens explaining how to annotate before starting with a review. Instead, we now have onboarding pop-up messages showing up the first time creating something or starting a review, telling you the basics of how to handle our tools.

Improved comment flow
It is now possible to sort comments within Interactive Document, -Video, and -Audio. Comments can be sorted on latest activity, up-votes, comments, location.
Also, the comment no longer asks the user to fill in a title, which will make it easier and more intuitive to write a comment right away.

Improved Discussion Forums in the 2.0 platform
We added an extra layer of comments in Discussion Forums on the path to allow students to have more in-depth discussions. It is now possible to not only comment but also reply on those comments. This makes the activity more flexible and allows it to be used for better discussions, but also as a way to provide a place for students to ask each other questions and help each other out.

Improved mobile analytics table view.
When viewing analytics on small viewport sizes such as in an LMS or when viewing on a tablet or smartphone the analytics tables would sometimes be too wide for the screen, which made them look squished. We now provide horizontal scrolling using arrow buttons whenever there isn't enough space.

Interactive Presentation (beta) improvements
Many bug fixes, iterations and improvements to the tool are shipped with this release, among which: being able to add question-slides as a teacher in a lower screen resolution frame or display, optimising for images, forward and backspace buttons (arrow buttons) to navigate through slides after question, and more.

Overall product improvements and bugfixes

Features below will be released to beta. These features can be enabled for you or your institution if there is a specific interest and/or to help us validating. When these features are ready to be rolled out to all institutions, meaning they are on production, this will be communicated in the notes.

Self-assessment (beta)
A tool for allowing students to review their own handed-in work and on skills, now still for validating clients only. In case you are interested or you know a teacher who is interested in testing the self-assessment tool, please send an email to [email protected].

Comprehension of Video (beta)
The Comprehension of Document functionalities are again available for videos. This new plugin is currently being tested with validating clients after which this tool will be ready for rollout to every institution. If you are specifically interested in Comprehension for Video, please contact [email protected]. The tool is currently only available for use in an LMS.

LTI content item (beta)
LTI content item, also at times called 'deep linking', is one of the advantages of using LTI. It allows FeedbackFruits components to be easier to add and visually better displayed in the LMS. If you would like to integrate LTI content item please contact us at [email protected].

This concludes the Production release notes v2.24.0.
โ€‹If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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