Navigating to step 2 (Group Member Evaluation) or step 3 (Peer Review) of the assignment, allows you to view student's feedback and it gives you as a teacher the option to provide feedback as well. Simply select a part of the text or a timeframe in the video to make an annotation. Click here to see how to give feedback.

Next to providing an own review, you can also comment on the feedback provided by students. If you click on a comment in the right sidebar, you will instantly be brought to the part of the submission that the reviewer selected. You can also scroll through the submitted work and click the greyed out boxes or the balloon button next to the work to read provided feedback. 

You can respond to feedback by writing in the reply field. Click the balloon button below a comment to see all previous responses. Click the thumbs up icon to give an up-vote to the comment, meaning you find the comment particularly useful or well provided feedback. 

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