Using Interactive Document, - Video, - Audio or Interactive Presentation, after adding your comments and questions it is still possible to change your file. FeedbackFruits remembers the exact location of the comment or question and places them at the same place in the new file. 

If for example a comment in a video (or audio-file) was placed at @min2:34, then this comment will have the same location in the new video, even if the total length of the video is not the same. The size of the video or the document in this case also doesn't matter.

For documents holds that comments and practice questions are saved with a page number and linked to a part on that page. 

When updating your presentation slides, the question slides will remember their position, 3rd slide or 5th slide in the presentation. If you have added a slide, you can drag the question slides to change their position. 

This concludes the Can I change my file and keep all comments/questions? article.
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