Once you have set up a course on our platform, built a structure of folders and embedded content, students can be invited on the member page of the course. 

Navigate to the overview page of the course (path). Next to path, there is a button for members. Clicking on members will bring you to this page. In the bottom right corner you can click the plus-button to add students or teachers. 

The following screen will appear to add students to your course. 

On the member page you will always have an overview of all students in your course. You can see who has a teacher role, a students role and who hasn't accepted the invitation yet. When an invitation is still pending, you can see the list of invited students (and teachers). Students are added to FeedbackFruits once they are invited to the course.

In the columns right of the list of student names, group allocations can be managed per separate assignment.

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