In this article we will walk you through the process of configuring groups in assignments (Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, Assignment Feedback, and Skill Feedback).

Once all students are added, students can be assigned to groups:

  • Manually
  • Automatically

Manually assigning groups

For manual filling, it is important that all students are added to the assignment. Click here to find out more about how students are added.

Choose manually fill and choose the number of groups you want to form, then click on group formation.

The list of students that are in the assignment (students that have clicked on the link) is shown. Click on pick group next to a student's name and select the group that you want to place that student in.

Make sure all students are assigned to a group before the 'give feedback process' starts. Bear in mind that adding a student to a group after the 'give feedback' step has started, may cause errors in the allocation of peers.

Automatically assigning groups

To automatically fill groups, go to the edit page of the assignment and choose this option by clicking 'configure groups' at step 1. Fill in the required amount of groups. 

Automatically filling groups works as follows. If all students are added before you start configuring groups, they are randomly distributed amongst the groups straight away.

If you set automatic filling before students are added to the assignment: the groups start filling automatically as soon as a student clicks on the link. The group that is the most empty is filled first. If you have 30 students and 5 groups the first 6 students get allocated in the following manner:

Student A-> group 1
Student B -> group 2
Student C -> group 3
Student D -> group 4
Student E -> group 5
Student F is randomly assigned to one of the groups.

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