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How are students added to your FeedbackFruits tool?

Do I need to invite my students to take part in the assignment?

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You have added FeedbackFruits tool to your course in Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Moodle or maybe in another Learning Management System (LMS) your institution uses. You have completed the set up of your learning activity and now you want to add or invite students to the learning activity. 

With LTI + API integration

When your institution has API integrated, it is not necessary for you to add your students yourself. The API integration makes sure that FeedbackFruits receives information on which students and groups are in your specific course, at the moment of creating an activity. For example; you will be able to see the groups and members of these groups as long as you already have group sets created in the LMS course. These groups can be selected and as soon as students enter the activity, they will see what group they will be participating in.

With LTI integration

With just LTI, the situation changes a bit. In this case, it is not possible for FeedbackFruits to receive information about the course in your LMS. This means when you create an activity, FeedbackFruits does not yet know which students will be participating in the assignment. Here is how this works in practice:
The link to the learning activity is visible to students, depending on the location of the link. Students are added once they have clicked on the link. As a teacher you make sure the link is placed in the applicable course and folder in the LMS, so students can access the assignment. After students have linked on the link, FeedbackFruits recognises them as a student-user.

Using groups with only LTI integration 

Once the students have clicked the link, they are able to participate in the assignment like usual. If you wish to use groups with just LTI integration, we highly recommend using our 'bulk import' feature for this. This is a feature created especially for adding students to groups manually in the most efficient way possible (usually from a .csv file). The teacher can add students' email addresses with the desired group name included. Once the groups are created and the activity is published, students enter the assignment and FeedbackFruits then recognises their email addresses and adds them to the correct group.

for more information on creating groups with LTI-only integration click here.

This concludes the How are students added to your FeedbackFruits tool? article.
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